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MAST Webconnect

MAST WebConnect is a free service provided by the University of Northern Colorado within the College of Natural and Health Sciences. MAST WebConnect replaces the popular MAST Hotline, a free call-in service established in 1989. MAST WebConnect will answer your questions and find high-quality web-based Internet resources personally for you! Supported by the MAST Institute and the University of Northern Colorado, WebConnect is staffed by math and science educators and professors with access to these resources and references.

Contact MAST WebConnect with any mathematics or science question, and our coordinators will find the information either by contacting experts in the field, or finding high-quality Internet sites.

WebConnect serves:

  • K-12 Teachers who have mathematics or science questions.
  • K-12 Teachers who need mathematics or science Internet resource recommendations.
  • K-12 Students with math or science questions.
  • K-12 Students who need help finding math or science resources on the Internet.
  • Pre-Service Teachers who need help finding math or science teaching resources on the Internet.