5 – 10.21.23 – After the Asteroid: Stability and Change at the DMNS

10.21.23 Flyer

Title:After the Asteroid – Stability and Change at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Day, Date, Time: Saturday, October 21, 2023 9 am – 2:30 pm

[Bus leaves promptly at 7:30 am from D20 Center of Modern Learning 

at 8707 Wolf Valley Dr. 80924. Bus returns around 4:00 pm.]

Contact Hours: 5 hours

Food: BYO lunch or purchase your own lunch on site. Some drinks and snacks will be provided on the bus to carry into the museum. 

Location: Denver Museum of Nature and Science, 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205


  • James Hagadorn PhD – Tim & Kathryn Ryan Curator of Geology 
  • Brandon Davis, Teacher Programs Consultant, Denver Museum of Nature and Science 
  • Tim Blesse, Teacher Programs Consultant, Denver Museum of Nature and Science


Join us on a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Learn both science content and teaching strategies focused on 3D teaching and learning from museum resources (curator, geology collection, exhibit, Brandon and Tim, and other) during your 5 hour visit. It will be a day filled with wonder and awe!

During Part 1 of your field trip to the museum you will deepen your understanding of the worldwide Extinction Event that ended the age of the dinosaurs, as well as the amazing recent discoveries at Corral Bluffs near Colorado Springs that reveal how quickly life rebounded and diversified after this event.  You will do this through a below ground, “behind-the-scenes”tour of the museum’s research geology collection and the temporary “After-the-Asteroid” exhibition on the museum’s first floor. View Physical Evidence for this Extinction Event and the changes in ecosystems before and after it. 

     During Part 2 of your visit you will see a large screen film in the Infinity Theatre (formerly IMAX Theatre) and participate in a short workshop about scaffolding Cross Cutting Concepts using Graphic Organizers and Mini-Lessons.  Previous Museum Workshops with PALS have focused on the 8 Science and Engineering Practices: Employing Scaffolding that helps students build competence at “doing what scientists do”.  But in order to effectively do what scientists do, students need to be taught to “think like scientists think”. This also requires scaffolded support as they figure out phenomena. 

Agenda: Tentative Agenda – Exact Timing to be Determined – Will be 5 hours of contact time.

Time Activity Location Led By 
9 AM 45 minute “Behind-the-Scenes Tour” with Geologist James Hagadorn PhD Geology Collections B1 & B2 James Hagadorn PhD-Curator of Geology DMNS 
TBD 1 hr Large Screen Movie Experience ( 45 min + transition time) ( Titles of October films not yet released )Infinity Theatre  Tim Blesse Teacher Program Consultant DMNS 
TBD 30-minute lunch on your own & free roaming time    
TBD 1 hour  Visit to the “After the Asteroid Exhibition” Using Graphic Organizers on A Field Trip to build Cross-Cutting Concepts  Brandon Davis Teacher Program Consultant DMNS 
TBD 1 hour Stability & Change-  Cross Cutting Concepts – Mini Activity in A Studio   Tim Blesse Teacher Program Consultant DMNS