Documentation of PALS PD Hours – 2023-2024

Looking for professional development clock hours or college continuing education credits? If you attend ALL of the sessions this year you could earn 52.5 contact hours (documented with a certificate). OR if you choose to pay a modest fee you could earn up to 3.5 semester hours of continuing education credit from CSM.

Documentation / Credit Available for 2023/2024  Peak Area Leadership in Science Hub Meetings

You may choose one of the following options for documenting your involvement in the 2023-2024 Peak Area Leadership in Science Hub Meetings: 

  • Professional Contact Hours Certificate is available free through Cheyenne Mountain District 12 for participants who have attended 3.75 or more contact hours and have NOT requested college credit through CSM. An electronic certificate will be emailed to you at the end of the school year (mid-June), provided your email address is on file with PALS. We will not be sending paper copies. You can use this document to submit to CDE for renewing your teacher license. There is a possibility that your district may also accept this documentation, but often this requires prior approval and may involve fees. You would need to pursue this in advance and on your own as each district has different policies. To receive the contact hours certificate, you must attend and actively participate in the entire workshop(s).
  • Colorado School of Mines Teacher Enhancement Graduate Level,  Non-degree, Relicensure Credit is available with a letter grade of A or B for a modest fee. For college credit, you must give us  a check made out to CSM Continuing Education dated May 8, 2024– they do not accept credit cards. CSM Credits are not available until late June 2024 .  This recertification credit is not applicable toward a CSM degree program. More information provided below.

 Please Note: Deadline for applying for CSM credit  is  May 8, 2024 

More information about College Credit through CSM: 

You may earn up to 3.5 semester hours by participating in Hub meetings this year. We have scheduled a variety of 2.5 hr (afternoon or Saturday morning) and 5-5.5 hr (evening or Saturday) workshops.   [NOTE – Total hours possible will decrease if meetings are canceled or have their length adjusted.]  You can only earn college credits in increments of 0.5 sem credits. Attending fewer than 7.5 contact hours will result in no CSM credit.

Costs – determined by CSM – are shown below.

  • To earn 0.5 credit, you must attend at least 7.5 contact hours.  [Cost = $50]
  • To earn 1 credit, you must attend at least 15 contact hours. [Cost = $65]
  • To earn 1.5 credits, you must attend at least 22.5 contact hours. [Cost = $95]
  • To earn 2 credits, you must attend at least 30 hours.   [Cost = $105]
  • To earn 2.5 credits, you must attend 37.5 hours.  [Cost = $135]
  • To earn 3 credits, you must attend 45 hours.  [Cost = $145]
  • To earn 3.5 credits, you must attend 52.5 hours [Cost = $175]

CSM credit is awarded with a letter grade of A or B.

Colorado School of Mines Credit with a Letter Grade of B 

Grade Requirements:  Attend and be an active participant in the entire Hub meeting(s).

Colorado School of Mines Credit with Letter Grade of A  

Grade Requirements:  Attend and be an active participant in the entire hub meeting(s)  and complete a reflective journal which consists of your notes from each meeting you attended plus the insights you gained.  Deadline for your journal, completed credit form, and post-dated check is May 8, 2024  The journal will be reviewed for quality by a Hub Coordinator in order to determine your grade for the course.

CSM Course Credit Forms will be available at the Spring meetings, but they will not be sent in to CSM until mid-May 2024.  We are not allowed to send out these forms electronically, so they will need to be filled out at a meeting. We do accept checks (post-dated only) and completed forms before the deadline. Transcripts will not be available until late June 2024. A request for CSM transcript forms will be available at our meetings or you can access an online link through our website ( or directly through the Teacher Enhancement Program through CSM at .