Wed, Dec 8 – Anchored Inquiry Learning

Dec 8,  2021 Half Day (4 pm – 8 pm)

Title:  Anchored Inquiry Learning: Designing Meaningful Instruction to Explore Complex Phenomena and Problems

Presenters: Cindy Gay, Science Educator, BSCS 

Location:      BSCS

Description:  Come explore how the BSCS Anchored Inquiry Learning (AIL) instructional model moves beyond the 5E instructional model to support effective teaching and learning around the Colorado Science Standards. See how AIL creates a coherent science content storyline that makes student thinking visible and equitably motivates ALL students to engage with significant, real-world phenomena and problems. Anchored Inquiry Learning (AIL) can be used in all grade levels; in this workshop, a high school biology example will be used to illustrate this instructional model.