Wed, April 6 – Science of Organ & Tissue Donation & Transplantation

Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Science
Part Day [4 pm – 6 pm ] 2 contact hours – Virtual

NOTE: Participants in the April 6th Transplantation Science Virtual Hub need to pick up materials on the EAST side of the Lincoln Center (2720 N Tejon) on Saturday, April 2th, between 8:00 am – 10 am.  Contact Nancy Hampson (  if this is a problem.

4.6 April PALS Flyer

Presenters: Anne Gaspers & Susan Gimarc, Donor Alliance

Location: VIRTUAL via ZOOM
Description: Donor Alliance offers workshops for both students and teachers.  This short session will be an introduction of the science behind organ and tissue donation and transplantation.  In this workshop teachers will: learn about the importance of teaching about organ and tissue donation and explain the programs Donor Alliance can bring to schools.