Sat, Oct 9 – Fire – A Burning Issue

10.9 Flyer: Fire – A Burning Issue

Sat, Oct 9 Full Day (8 am – 4 pm)

Title:  Fire – A Burning Issue 

Presenters: Rose Banzhaf, Project Learning Tree Coordinator

DeLene Hoffner, Project Learning Tree Coordinator

Location                    School in the Woods

Description:   Being in Colorado, we have all experienced living with the threat of and aftermath of wildfires. In this workshop we will explore the nature of wildfire through investigations and engage in activities focusing on the basics of fire ecology as it impacts our lives in Colorado. You will participate in activities from the secondary-level Focus on Forests book as well as activities from the Fireworks and FireBox resources. Topics and activities covered include:  Fire behavior, firefighting technologies, living with fire, viewpoints on wildfires, The Black Forest fire, and the impact fires have on soils.


8:30 amRegistration, coffee, Fire Bingo 
8:40  Welcome, Overview of the Agenda, Workshop Goals, CSM credit forms, CEEP presentation
9:00  Introductions, Rose, Delene, Jon, Megan, Dave Root(CSFS), Brenda Wasielewski(DFPC)
9:15 PLT Activity 76 Tree Cookies (p327) &PLT Activity 27 Every Tree for Itself (p117) (with fire tokens included)
9:40History, Mission, Goals and Methods of PLT
9:50  Comfort Break
10:00Brenda – Firefighters demo techniques/technology
11:00  PLT Activity 81: Living With Fire (p350) part c – Fire Tag
11:20FireBox Activity 6: Trumping the Fire Triangle – (same as PLT 81 – Living with Fire – Part a)
11:40  PLT HS Focus on Forest Activity 5: Nature of Fire (p87) part C – wildfire safety assessment)
12:00 PLT Activity 19: Viewpoints on the Line (p89) using fire related quiries
12:15 Lunch at the Movies: Two Sides of Fire & discussion
1:00Learn about the Black Forest Fire with Dave Root
2:30Fire Behavior 3-D Triangle Widget &FireWorks Activity 3-4: Fire Triangle in the Wildlands (matchstick forest)
3:00 Other Resources – website, FireBox & FireWorks
3:10 Participant presentations???
4:20evaluations and PD Certificates .
4:30Thanks for coming – Have fun sharing with your students – optional tour of School in the Woods