Sat, Aug 28 – Diversity of Life at CMSP

Full Day [8:00 am – 4:00 pm] 0.5 sem hrs / 7.5 contact hours

Registration Limited* to 30 participants

Presenters: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Staff

Location: Cheyenne Mountain State Park

Description:   Cheyenne Mountain State Park is a place where one can go on an adventure full of learning. 

In this workshop, participants will explore a variety of flora and fauna interactions in different life

Agenda:     7:45 Participants arrive at park, sign in with PALS coordinators, explore door prizes 

zones of the park. Participants will also investigate the science behind archery.

8:00 Opening information (Introduction to PALS, credit info, Park info)

8:30 Diversity IceBreaker

9:00 Archery/Life Zone Hike (1 hr 15 minutes each, 15 minute break between)

12:00 Working lunch = Science (Physics) of Archery

12:45 Project Wild: Quick Frozen Critters, Prairie Dog Edition

1:15 Prairie Dog Presentation and Observations (spotting scopes/binoculars)

2:15 Project Wild Activities – Busy Bee, Adaptation Artistry (create pollinator)

3:30 Evals, door prizes, wrap up


Due to current COVID-19 best practices the size of this particular hub meeting is limited to 30 participants. 

Because PALS mission is focused on current secondary science teachers, these teachers will receive priority when signing up for this workshop. When you register for this hub meeting, you will be asked to state your current status as a science teacher. Options include:

  • Current Secondary Science Teacher (MS or HS) with science classes assigned for the coming school year
  • Current Elementary Science Teacher with science class(es) assigned for the coming school year
  • Secondary Science Teacher – Unemployed? Retired? Subbing? – not currently employed and/or assigned to teach science classes
  • Other Teacher – Unemployed? Retired? Subbing? – not currently employed and/or assigned to teach science classes

About 1 week  in advance of the workshop, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your participation.  If you do not respond in the affirmative, you will be removed from the list and your spot will be given to the next eligible teacher on the waiting list.