Wed, Oct. 28 – Brave New Worlds of Learning

Part Day [4:00 am – 8:00 pm] 0.25 sem hrs / 3.75 contact hours

Title: Brave New Worlds in Learning: Approaching our profession in new ways using best practices in remote & hybrid Learning

Presenter: Tim Blesse – Teacher Programs Coordinator, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Description:    How do we ​continue to capitalize on the huge benefits of social constructivist learning approaches when the element of physical proximity is not available? Recent events have catapulted members of our profession into a new period of learning that is both exciting and daunting. In this engaging workshop plan to:  

  • Explore the Question How do we know what works in Distance Learning? 
    • Use Case Studies to determine what is needed for effective Distance Learning
  • Examine different Models of Hybrid Learning &  Choose the Model that works best for you
  • Learn from from the successes & failures of some real classroom teachers about: 
    • Technology – What role does it play in distance learning 
      • Reframe thinking about how we use technology to meet learning goals 
      • Discuss Tools to Fit the Task 
    • Working Memory – What is it and Why is it especially important in distance learning. 
    • Building Agency & Community so that students feel connected and persist when working independently.
    • Planning – An Introduction to the SOAP Model for planning distance learning lessons