Wed., Mar. 10 – PhET &/or Wed., Mar. 31 – HEART

PALS Info Sheet for March, 2021 Feel free to download and share this info sheet with other science teachers in the Pikes Peak Region !

Wednesday, March 10th, 4 – 6 pm

Incorporating PhET in Your Science Classroom

Presenter(s): Kathy Perkins, CU Boulder Physics Department and and Mychal Elhoffer, Mesa Ridge HS

Join us to learn how you can use PhET simulations to improve student learning in your science classroom.  In the workshop you will be able to experience several simulations, learn about new PhET programs, and learn best practices for using the simulations with your students, whether they are in person or virtual.  The workshop will include an overview of PhET logistics and specific content suggestions from Mychal Elhoffer, a local teacher. 

Wednesday, March 31st, 4 – 6 pm

Using the Hazards Education Awareness and Resilience Task Force (HEART Force) Curriculum in your Science Classroom


Katya Schloesser, Education and Outreach Associate at CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research In Environmental Sciences)

Natural hazards are a part of our lives. Explore the Hazards Education Awareness and Resilience Task (HEART) Force curriculum to  teach your students about floods, wildfires and droughts. Learn how your students can use area resources to become better educated on how their community responds to these hazards. The goal of the HEART Force is to engage students and teachers to take proactive steps in preparing for potential hazards that are becoming more frequent due to climate change. During the workshop, participants will get an overview of the free curriculum, walk through a hazards lesson and hear from a scientist in the field.  HEART Force is part of the education and outreach department of CIRES at CU Boulder.