Tues, Oct. 27 – 3D Science

Part Day [4:00 am – 8:00 pm] 0.25 sem hrs / 3.75 contact hours

Title:  How to make YOUR science classroom 3D ! Explore classroom 

lessons that highlight disciplinary core ideas, science practices, and cross cutting concepts.

Presenters: Christa Lundberg – Retired Science Teacher , Robin Walters – Science Teacher – 

SCHS D49, Katy Snider – Science Teacher – DCC D20, Matt Steele – Science Teacher – EHS D22

Description:    Join us for an overview of how YOU can utilize principles of 3 dimensional learning to implement science standards. Learn about the three dimensions as described in both the Colorado Academic Standards – Science and the NGSS. Then, select a breakout group facilitated by a local science teacher to participate in model classroom lessons. In life science, join Robin Walters (SCHS) to explore a storyline focusing on melanin through the context of human skin and animal fur coloring. Major biological concepts include: Genetics, Protein Synthesis, Mutations, and Natural Selection. In physical science, join Katie Snider (DCC) to address the student question  “Why do I need to know this?” We will use an inquiry based approach to have students investigate careers in science (particularly in physics). Students will explore their preconceptions of scientists and learn of the diversity in both the people and careers in science. We will be analyzing data to support conclusions using scientific practices.  In Earth and space science, join Matt Steele (EHS) to explore lessons from his earth and space science unit. Be a scientist as you model moon phases and investigate the nature of the orbits of satellites like moons and planets. Matt will also share an overview of his unit with you.


4:00 Eating and Greeting

4:20 Administrivia

4:30 Speaker – Implementing the 2020 CAS-Science Standards through 3-Dimensional Learning.

5:15 Break & Transition….

5:30 Breakout Groups – Classroom Implementation 

A – Robin Walters – Biology / Life Science – Melanin Lessons

B. – Katy Snider – Physical Science – Science Careers Lessons

C. – Matt Steele – Earth/Space Sciences – Phases and Orbits Lessons

7:30 Return to the large group – Share out connections to 3D from the breakout groups.

7:45 Evaluations & Teacher Materials & Door Prizes

8:00 End