Sat, Sept. 26 – Corral Bluffs

Click here for the 9.26.2020 PALS Flyer – Corral Bluffs

Part Day [8:00 am – 2:00 pm] 0.25 sem hrs / 5 contact hours

Title:  The Discovery of the Rise of the Mammals at Corral Bluffs

Presenter: Sharon Milito, retired  teacher, DMNS volunteer, member of Corral Bluffs Rise of the Mammals Discovery

Description:   Corral Bluffs Open Space – in our very own backyard – is the site of a ‘paleontological trifecta’ that holds a major discovery of how life came back after an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs. Corral Bluffs combines animal fossils with historical climate indicators and precise dating to tell the story of the ‘rise of the mammals’. Located just 10 minutes east of Colorado Springs, this unique area is only accessible by guided hikes that feature the geology, botany and zoology of the area. Join PALS on a custom hike led by a member of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science scientific team. You’ll get to see where the different mammal skulls were found at Corral Bluffs and participate in a variety of fossil activities that you could use in your classroom.


8:00 Meet at Space Village Loaf’n’Jug – Sign In, Last minute prep (bathroom, 

check for long pants, close-toed shoes, waiver)

8:15 Safety Briefing 

8:30 Depart for Corral Bluffs

8:45 Introductions & Administrivia  – PALS / Corral Bluffs Alliance / Sharon

9:00 What is a Fossil? Activity 

9:15 Hike in Corral Bluffs Open Space – Includes multiple stops where different fossils were discovered as well as discussions and a lunch stop. 

12:15 Fossil Sort Activity

12:30 Evaluations and door prizes

1:00 Depart for Space Village Loaf’n’Jug