Sat., Nov 7 – Hippos @ CMZ

Part Day [8:30 am – 12:30 pm] 0.25 sem hrs / 3.75 contact hours

Title:  From the Nile to the Colorado – Hippos and Water Conservation

Presenter: Stacey Graham, Director of EdVenture Programs, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Educator

Description:   Coloradans and hippos have something in common. We need water, and sometimes it is in short supply for both of us. Join the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo team in exploring all things hippo, including natural history, conservation, adaptations. You will get to meet the zoo’s resident hippos: Zambezi, Kasai, and the newly arrived Biko! We will also be diving into water conservation in both Africa and here in Colorado, and how you and your students can be better water stewards for the planet


8:30 Arrive at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Check in at the front by the elevation sign (left of the front gate)

8:45 Introductions and discuss goals of the day

9:00 Water Use Activity: How much water do you think is used? 

9:45 Quick Activity: Calculate Your Water Footprint. How does it compare? 

10:00 Meet an animal ambassador. Learn how Cheyenne Mountain Zoo connects people to animals through storytelling and hands on animal experiences. 

10:30 Water’s Edge Africa Tour: Explore the new space, see hippos, penguins, and more!  TBD: Meet a hippo keeper!

11:15 Create a Water Filter: How to turn “dirty” water into “clean” water.

12:00 Q&A and Wrap Up; Evaluations and Door Prizes

12:30 Free to explore the zoo on your own!