Sat., Feb. 13 – DNA

Full Day [8:00 am – 4:00 pm] 0.5 sem hrs / 7.5 contact hours

Title:  DNA at the Crime Scene and Beyond

Presenters: Terrie Watts, Forensic Science Teacher, Discovery Canyon High School (D20); Megan Caraway, Forensic Science Teacher, Vista Ridge High School (D49); SSG Casey Morris, Formal Criminal Investigation Unit US Army, Currently Army Recruiter

Description:    Have you ever wondered how DNA is collected at a crime scene and then analyzed in the lab?  Join us for this workshop to learn how crime scene technicians properly process a crime scene to avoid DNA contamination and then how lab technicians analyze the evidence samples using PCR and gel electrophoresis.  The workshop will also include local high school teachers showing how to set up a crime scene in your classroom.  Time permitting, other DNA activities, such as DNA extraction from fruit/vegetable, will be completed.


8:00     Welcome, Introductions, Administrivia 

8:15     DNA Analysis – Intro & PCR

9:30     Collecting and Securing Evidence from Crime Scenes

11:00 DNA Analysis – Gel Electrophoresis Preparation

12:00 Lunch

12:30 DNA Analysis – Gel Electrophoresis

1:00 Crime Scene in the Classroom

2:30 Other DNA Activities

3:45        Door Prizes & Evaluations

4:00 End