Thurs, April 8 &/or Wed, April 21

PALS Info Sheet for April, 2021 Feel free to download and share this info sheet with other science teachers in the Pikes Peak Region !

Thursday, April 8

Part Day [4 – 6 pm] 2 contact hours

Physics in the Natural World

Presenters: Brian Jones & Sheila Ferguson – Little Shop of Physics

In this session we’ll use physics as a tool to explain and explore the amazing natural world. As with all Little Shop of Physics workshops, it will be active—even though we’ll be doing this virtually. We’ll spend our time making measurements and observations, sharing ideas and hypotheses, and then we’ll connect all of this back to the living world. Along the way, we’ll show you some superpowers that you possess. You have a rudimentary sense like that of a honeybee. And you, too, size up animals by their growls, whether you realize it or not!

Wednesday, April 21

Part Day [4:00 – 6:00 pm]   2 contact hours

Classroom Crime Scenes

Presenter(s):  Terrie Watts, Discovery Canyon High School & Megan Caraway, Vista Ridge High School

Do you want to get your students engaged and thinking critically?  Crime scenes are the way to go!  In this workshop, participants will learn how to set up crime scenes in your own classroom or schools from two local high school forensic teachers who actually do this ! Creating a local crime scene will enable  for their students to collect evidence, analyze it  and draw conclusions to solve a crime.