13 – 3.15.2023 – Conversations with a Forensic Pathologist !

3.15.23 FLYER – Forensic Pathologist

Presenter: Deborah G. Johnson, MD, MS, Pikes Peak Forensics, PC

Day, Date, Time:  Wednesday, March 15, 2023     4pm – 7pm

Location: Sand Creek High School

Contact Hours: 2.5 hours 

Food: ½ hour light dinner provided at 4 pm, drinks (water, soda) also provided

Description: During the first part of the presentation, participants will learn what forensic pathology is, what an autopsy is, definitions of cause and manner of death, a look at the job description of a Coroner or Medical Examiner, how it’s determined who gets an autopsy, what is a death certificate and how it’s filled out. The second part of the presentation will focus on the opioid epidemic and its causes through a detailed look at one woman’s death in hospital despite the use of naloxone, and why, even though there is a readily available opioid antidote, so many people are still dying, especially when fentanyl is involved.