1: 8.20.22 – Dinosaur Freeways, Cretaceous Seaways, and Fossil Traces in Swampy Places

8.20.22 FLYER

Day, Date, Time: Saturday, August 20, 2022     8:00am – 5:30pm

Contact Hours: 5 hours – 10am – 3pm. [Does not include travel time or lunch.]

Food: BYO lunch, drinks(water, soda) and snacks provided

Location: Dinosaur Ridge, 16831 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465 and The Triceratops Trail, Golden CO

Title: Dinosaur Freeways, Cretaceous Seaways, and Fossil Traces in Swampy Places

Presenters: Dinosaur Ridge Staff / Volunteers

Description: Join us on a journey to explore one of the world’s most famous dinosaur fossil localities: Dinosaur Ridge ! We will begin with a visit to the Dinosaur Ridge Visitor Center and then take a bus tour where an expert guide will interpret the dinosaur tracks and bone fossils, local history, and geology seen along the Dinosaur Ridge Trail. After a byo lunch we’ll travel to Golden, CO where we’ll take a guided hike along the Triceratops Tracks trail. Triceratops Trail is a 1.5-mile, gravel hiking trail that winds between large, vertical walls of sandstone in old clay mining pits. The two guided tours/hikes include:  Dinosaur Tracksite, Triceratops Tracks, Dinosaur Bone Quarry, Raptor Tracks, Geologic Overlook, Palm Fronds and Bird Tracks, Duckbills, Carnivores and Raindrops


  • 8:00 depart CMJHS
  • 10:00 arrive at the center, visit exhibits, rest rooms.  
  • 10:30 depart for a 90 min tour with 2 guides to Dinosaur Ridge.  
  • 12:00 return to center for picnic lunch and restrooms 
  • 12:40 leave for Golden 
  • 1:00 tour (with guides) the Triceratops Trail.  
  • 2:30 return to bus  
  • 2:45 stop at center for restrooms, do evaluations and door prizes  
  • 3:15 depart for Colorado Springs  
  • 5:15 arrive at CMJHS