Sept. 28, 2019

The Uplift of Mountains – Fault Patterns along the Front Range

Sat, Sept 28 Full Day [8:00 am – 4:00 pm] 0.5 sem hrs / 7.5 contact hours

Presenter:  Dr. Steve Getty, Geologist/Teacher and Director, Quantitative Reasoning Center, Colorado College

Description: Chains of mountains are a prominent feature of many parts of Earth. Mountain formation is a key part of the growth of continents, development of energy resources that we use, evolution of ecosystems, and patterns of regional climate. This HUB course will investigate several types of fault patterns connected with uplift along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs. We will visit the Garden of the Gods and Glen Eyrie. In additional activities, we will explore how uplift along the Front Range compares globally with other tectonic settings and the current growth of mountains there.