May 5, 2018

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May 5, 2018     (Saturday) 8 am – 4 pm     OR     8 am – 12 noon

Location to be determined 

Climate and Conservation in the Centennial State

From high mountain peaks to prairie lands, Colorado is home to a vast range of life zones.  With a rich history of exploration, mining, and recreation, human activities have shaped – and continue to shape – the environment of the Centennial State.  Much research and debate has ensued in regard to how we should conserve our beautiful state.  Alpine areas especially act as a “canary in a coal mine” in light of current discussions about climate change and its affects on our world.  Dr. Miro Kummel, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Director of The Environmental Science and Policy Program at Colorado College, will introduce participants to his current research on treeline dynamics and climate change.


Presenter: Miroslav Kummel, Colorado College