Feb 13, 2019 – Games in the Science Classroom

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019 4 pm – 8 pm

Games in the Science Classroom

Beth Kochevar, Science Teacher, Sand Creek High School

Sandy Smith, Retired Science Teacher, Part-time Science Teacher, Falcon Homeschool Program

Part 1:  ESCAPE CLASSROOM GAMES – Looking for a way to bridge content with 21st century skills?  Utilize Escape Classrooms to integrate critical thinking, content understanding and collaboration. Working with your team, you will apply knowledge of the periodic table to solve “The Periodic Puzzler” – a chemistry escape classroom puzzle. You will also experience 2 other escape classrooms focused on other science topics. You will also explore digital options for escape classroom games. We will share a variety of ways to incorporate escape rooms into your classroom.

Part 2:  Who can resist a good game? Not your students ! In this session you will learn how to incorporate Board (not Bored !) Games and Puzzles that allow your students’ to practice their chemistry understanding and skills in a motivating context. The samples used in this session are chemistry specific, but the techniques are applicable across any science content.

Participants will receive materials to use in their classrooms and access to many of these puzzles digitally.