Dec 1, 2018  – More Brain-Based Instruction

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Saturday, December 1, 2018 8 am – 4:15 pm

More Brain-Based Instruction:  Long Term Memory, Motivation & The Adolescent Brain – Click HERE for the flyer !

Tim Blesse, Teachers Program Coordinator, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Robert Payo, Educational Technology Coordinator, Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Understanding some of the exciting new advances in Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology research provide an opportunity for teachers to unlock more of how the brain actually learns. Join the teacher professional development staff from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science for an all-day workshop where we will learn practical applications of this research and translate it for the classroom. The DMNS staff will model many of these research-based best practices to empower you and your students through meaningful and fun hands-on experiences.  We’ll focus on the power of manageable strategies, small shifts that can improve cognitive mastery and classroom culture. Topics include: Long Term Memory, Motivation & The Adolescent Brain [This workshop complements the December Intro to Brain-Based workshop from last year. You do NOT have to have attended last year’s workshop to attend this workshop.]


Time Activity
8-8:15 Welcome, Introductions
8:15-9:00 Introduction to Brain-Based Learning and Neuroplasticity
9:00-9:15 Introduction to Memory Systems
9:15-12:00 Strategies to Promote Long Term Memory ( Retention & Recall)
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00- 2:15 Motivation and the Brain
2:15-2:30 Integration Walk
2:30-3:30 The Adolescent Brain
3:30-4:15 Wrap Up/ Reflection Activity / Museum Resources