Apr 17, 2019 – Wed PM – Next Generation Science Standards

Exploring Ecosystems using NGSS Storylines (Making Sense of NGSS in Your Science Classroom)

Anne Tweed, STEM Teaching and Learning LLC

Explore ecosystems using elements of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). In this workshop you will explore an NGSS-endorsed ecosystem unit containing two different storylines:  

  • In Serengeti, students analyze changes and possible explanations for changes in buffalo populations in the Serengeti over a 50 year period. What accounts for some populations growing, some collapsing, and others remaining stable?
  • In Trees, students investigate the claim that planting trees can help combat climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and storing carbon in wood. Students’ questions about where and how trees do this, sparks a series of investigations to pursue to track down where the carbon is going as it moves into and through different tissues in the tree (leaves, wood, and roots) that help students develop a model for how matter transformations and energy flow occurs in organisms and ecosystems.

You will get both a unit overview and a ‘close-up’ view of some of the activities within the unit. You will be able to experience ‘sensemaking’ NGSS style – the ability for students to connect empirical evidence to core ideas and crosscutting concepts to make sense of phenomena.  Join us for an enlightening meeting!