October 14, 2017

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October 14, 2017   (Saturday)   7:30 am – 5 pm (includes travel time)

Meet at CMJHS (Cheyenne Mountain Junior High School) at 7:15 am. We will travel together by bus to Catamount Center for Environmental Education.

Inside the Outdoor Classroom – Pikes Peak Environmental Education Workshop

Turn your classroom INSIDE out! Discover effective strategies and powerful content for the natural integration of Environmental Education in K-12 classes! FREE lunch, doorprizes, and lessons!

Join environmental education leaders from Colorado’s Southeast region to learn pedagogy, content, and resources you can use both OUTdoors and IN your class. Come learn the benefits of environmental education, ways to engage students in learning experiences designed to explore the environment, build knowledge, develop skills, apply STEM skills all while incorporating Colorado Academic Standards. Explore the interactive, unique setting of the Catamount Center located on the north slope of Pikes Peak in Woodland Park. Select your own experiences with lessons to bring into your own classes. Participants will select several sessions to attend. Available sessions may include:

  • Macroinvertebrates (Pond Studies) – Explore environmental health of a pond by studying its macroinvertebrates
  • Medicinal Plants – Try your hand at identifying local edible and medicinal plants
  • Biomimicry – Innovations with Biomimicry (STEM in nature- Nature Thought of It First)
  • Ornithology – Birdology (more than ornithology, it’s STEMology as well)
  • Fire Ecology – Explore burning issues like the fire triangle, HOT experiments and lessons after the burn
  • School Gardening  
  • Our Changing Climate
  • Hiking the Ecosystems   
  • Environthon – (National HS environmental science competition)
  • Forest Succession/Population Dynamics
  • Overview of EE Careers & Pathways
  • STREEAM (integrating EE into all content areas)
  • Nature in Math
  • Administrators -Bringing EE into your school – Invite administrators from your building for a special session about the importance of EE their buildings
  • Tips and tricks for managing students in outdoor settings
  • Meet and discuss EE with area experts and get resource specific to the Pikes Peak and SE region

Why Environmental Education? Not only is EE a huge motivator for student engagement but the benefits continue long after the experience. It increases student awareness of  environment-related challenges, provides opportunities to apply new knowledge and experiment with solutions and hooks students to want to learn more. Research shows that outdoor education enriches children’s lives in fundamental ways including significant improvements in cognitive development, behavior, self-discipline, creativity, language skills, STEM thinking and social interactions. Come join us as we explore the great outdoors and all the benefits, skills, knowledge, and lessons you can bring into YOUR class!

*This workshop is brought to you by the Southeast Regional Environmental Education Leadership Council of CAEE in conjunction with PALS, EleSTEMary, and CAST.  It is open to science educators preK-12. The workshop will be held at Catamount Center 3168 CO Rd 28, Woodland Park, CO 80863 (http://www.catamountinstitute.org/).


[Note: CAEE is the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, Colorado Dept of Education, and Department of Natural Resources.  Check out their web-site, full of resources, at www.caee.org.  This workshop is meeting the goals of the CEEP (Colorado Environmental Education Plan), a document of Colorado Department of Education and Department of Natural Resources.